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Off the coast of brazil, there lies a small island no larger than 106 acres, the island is called Ilha da Queimada Grande but the island is more commonly known as snake island. The island is famous because multiple people did die on the island. The island got its name when people tried to get rid of the trees on the island, the Portuguese word “Queimada” translates to “forest fire”, when the locals tried to get rid of the forests they started a fire.  The island is the only place on earth where you will find the critically endangered golden lancehead vipers (Bothrops insularis), it is one of the most venomous and dangerous snakes in the world, the snakes number between 4000-2000 infesting the small island that is one to five snakes per square meter.The locals always say that if you want to die just visit that island. The local legend says that pirates put the snakes to protect their treasures hut it is completely false. The snakes naturally got trapped in the island about 11000 years ago with the rising sea level, the island had no predators that were a danger to them so they reproduced rapidly, and that caused to have very few preys. The food of the snakes is seabirds that migrate to the island during certain seasons, the snakes have evolved to have a very venomous bite that would incapacitate the birds and prevent them from flying away. There are stories about the people dying the island, there is story about a clueless fisherman who went to the island looking for bananas only to be discovered later dead in his boat with snake bites in all over his body. In the past only a small amount of people lived in the island to run a lighthouse but a local legend says that they were all killed by the snakes. The island is strictly forbidden for civilians to go to, the Brazilian navy and specific researchers chosen by Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation are allowed to go to the island. We should note the 1-5 snakes per meter squired is exaggerated as the Brazilian Marcelo Duarte said, he says that 1 per meter square is the most plausible.

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Oussama Mahrouk