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Yemen Famine

Why is Yemen in famine?

There are multiple factors to why Yemen is in a crisis right now however the main reason Yemen is in a famine crisis right now is due to civil war which started in 2015.The Yemen crisis is so bad that 16 million people are on the brink of going through starvation and another 5 million going through starvation and famine., aid for the situation is hard to due to the closed borders of the country. Basic food supplies and their prices have gone up, so it is difficult for families to get food, also, since October 3.2 million food rations have been cut, which is spreading the famine situation a lot quicker, some countries like the UK for example, have cut their funding aid by 60%

Humanitarian workers who have gone into the countries and the hospitals, have given terrific descriptions of the conditions there saying, “it was full to the brink” of skeleton, starved looking infants,” there are no possibilities of children getting healthy breast milk due to the mothers who typically suffer from acute starvation as this would significantly affect the capabilities of mothers producing the milk needed.

2000+ schools have also been destroyed and more as of 2021, which left 2+ million people out of education. The IRY had helped the lives of 34 thousand children within Yemen in 202 which helps to cover the cost of education, food, health and sometimes shelter.

One story of a little girl gives a detailed view into how bad the situation is and what you should expect from someone currently in Yemen. A little girl can barely afford enough energy to cover herself with a blanket, the sunlight rays that hit her eyes, hurt and she lacks any education because there are not any schools within her village.