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  • Without a disc player, Xbox Series S has only 364 GB of gaming space
Without a disc player, Xbox Series S has only 364 GB of gaming space

By Reddit, the lucky recipient of the anticipated Xbox Series S said that 148 GB of the console’s 512 GB SSD is reserved for operating system functions, with 364 GB left over for games and other applications.


The Xbox Series S is completely digital, that is, it does not have a disc player, which means that its owners will have to resort to external SSDs if they want to install games beyond the 364 GB limit. Another alternative would be to store the purchased games on a cheaper external HD and install them on the internal SSD when necessary, but in this case the game loading time would be infinitely longer.


Apparently, the Xbox Series X reserves almost 20 percent of its internal 1 TB SSD storage for the operating system, leaving around 800 GB usable for games. But as this has the disc player, the available space should be more than enough for most users.

There is little space, but a new storage system allows you to optimize the use of the SSD

Game installation sizes on the Xbox Series S will be approximately 30% smaller than on the Series X, due to the lower resolution textures.


The Xbox Series X and S will also be able to save some space on the SSD through a new system that allows you to selectively uninstall different parts of the games, such as the single player campaign or multiplayer mode.


“Let’s say you play a campaign as an example and then want to focus exclusively on multiplayer. If developers choose to offer support, you can uninstall the campaign itself to have more control over how you are actually using the storage, so that you really get the maximum benefit from the available storage you have, ”explained Larry Hryb, from Microsoft.


An external 1 TB SSD on the Xbox Series costs $ 220 in the United States, which is close to the price of a new Xbox Series S.


The Xbox Series S and X will was launched worldwide on the last November 10.