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Why You Should Go Out More

Why You Should Go Out More

Going out is very important because it helps you feel better. Here are three benefits of going out:

1- You get Vitamin D from the sun and food like egg yolks, seafood, mushrooms… Vitamin D  is very important because it keeps your bones, teeth and muscles healthy. A lack of vitamin D can lead to having terrible diseases like Rickets and Osteomalacia. Rickets is a disease that causes your bones to bend in ways that it’s not supposed to bend, it affects kids. Rickets can deform the legs, teeth,  spine and even the skull of vitamin D deficient kids.  Osteomalacia is a disease that causes serious pain in the bones of adults. Osteomalacia can lead to difficulty walking, weak muscles, stiff muscles, rigid muscles, leg pain and bone fractures.

2- You keep yourself in shape, moving, exercising, sleeping well and eating well have health benefits. Some of the benefits of moving are having a better cardiovascular fitness, better muscle endurance, strengthen muscles and bones. A healthy lifestyle also prevents strokes, cancer and type 2 diabetes which are serious things that can shorten your life span or cause irreversible damage. Also exercise at least 2 days a week if possible. Even if you don’t feel like exercising you should at least try for 5 – 10 mins, you will start seeing results after 3 weeks if you actually try hard.

3- People are not meant to be sat in one place for a long time everyday. It’s fine to rest, but being lazy and unproductive all day makes more harm than good. Like previously mentioned people could get sick from lack of vitamin D. People can also get lots of other diseases or conditions because of being home all day.

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Post written by: Desmond Peter