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  • Why Is The Sky Blue?
Why Is The Sky Blue?

The sky is blue because of the way our eyes work. Our eyes see the colours of the visible light spectrum but for the sky the colours blue and violet but due to a lack of violet light we mainly see the colour blue.

When the suns light reaches the Earths atmosphere it is scattered by the tiny molecules of gas. The atmosphere is made up of a concoction of gases. The gases spread out the visible light because the molecules are a lot smaller than the wavelength of visible light. The two colours with the smallest wavelength are violet and blue but due to there not being a lot of violet in the visible light the colour we see the sky as is blue. Another reason why we see blue skies because our eyes are more sensitive to blue light.

Visible light is a combination of colours. These colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet you know these colours as the colours of the rainbow. These colours make up visible light. Visible light is the light of the sun being expressed as colours. This can be achieved by either being a combination of colours a just one of the colours.


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