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Why Is The Planet Called Earth?

Why Is The Planet Called Earth?

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In contrast to different planets  in the Solar System, in English, Earth doesn’t straightforwardly impart a name to an old Roman deity.The name Earth gets from the eighth century Anglo-Saxon word erda, which means ground or soil. First use originated from the Hebrew word ארץ, which means earth or ground, that existed more than 1400 years back noted, in the Hebrew in Genesis 1. It became eorthe later, and afterwards erthe in Middle English. These words are for the most part cognates of Jörð, the name of the giantess of Norse fantasy. Earth was first utilised as the name of the circle of the Earth in the mid fifteenth century. The planet’s name in Latin, utilised scholastically and deductively in the West during the Renaissance, is equivalent to that of Terra Mater, the Roman goddess, which means English as Mother Earth.


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Written by Harvey Tran