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  • Why Is The Ocean Blue?
Why Is The Ocean Blue?

One reason to explain the fact that the ocean is blue is that water absorbs the colours of the light spectrum. Another reason the ocean is blue is due to the fact that the ocean is deep. This leads to a lot of the lighter colours being absorbed by the ocean. Which leads to the ocean being a blue colour. This is the case for a lot of the water in the ocean except near to the coast as it produces a lighter blue as it isn’t as deep.

The bottom of the ocean is very dark. This makes the water look navy blue mainly due to the fact that not many of the particles are reflected. In a glass water is clear but when in the ocean it isn’t. this can confuse people as it looks different in each place and people would think its due to the chemicals in the water. This is due to the water companies treating the water so it is drinkable for humans. It is also not because water is salty as salt water would also look more clear than blue.


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