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  • How to get free trending clothes
How to get free trending clothes

Fast fashion is the mass production of poor, cheap quality, and disposable clothes. Its mainly influenced by the current trends. Brands such as Pretty little thing, I saw it First, Zara, Primark, and Shien copy or steal designs from high-end fashions. They mainly cater to celebrities and are often pretty affordable making it cheaper and affordable for people; to dress like celebrities but stay on a budget too.


The fast-fashion culture has allowed people to easily afford clothes and create job opportunities in the department. It has also allowed affordability for people on a budget. However, they is some cons to this due to the increased water pollution.  Trends are short-lived and most items are not properly disposed of. The exploitation of the workers, they work long hours and receive low wages perpetuating slave labour. It also increases Greenhouse gas emissions which harms the environment.


Written by-Eva


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