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  • Why do some pickup trucks have 4 wheels behind?
Why do some pickup trucks have 4 wheels behind?

Common in some countries, but not so much in others, resource helps when pulling loads
Pickup trucks that look more like trucks. The reality of the United States market is quite different. There, huge utilities are the bestsellers in the country.
And they can be even bigger. Some Chevrolet / GMC, Ford and RAM pickup trucks have a four-wheel option at the rear. Totaling 6 wheels in the vehicle.
But what is the reason for such exaggeration? No, it’s not an exaggeration to begin with. The character is very practical and goes beyond aesthetics: carrying and towing more weight. The principle is the same as that of a truck. The duallys (as they are called) have a robustness worthy of a commercial vehicle and are offered in Heavy Duty versions, for heavy work. They also rock the look with their ultra-wide fenders.
In addition to being able to withstand more load, improve traction and distribute the weight better, the double wheelset has another function: it stabilizes the trailers in motion.

With the two extra wheels at the rear, towing and tipping are prevented in most situations. Not to mention the conditions of strong crosswinds. Many pickups have an electronic trailer balance control system, but it is undeniable that by placing four wheels behind, it facilitates this work and leaves the load more in hand, planted on the ground. It is the solution to carry a large trailer or a trailer that carries heavier vehicles inside.
Let’s get to the numbers. With the same diesel engine, a conventional Silverado 3500 HD (two wheels at the back) carries 1,951 kg of load, pulls 6,577 kg in a conventional trailer and 9,752 kg in the gooseneck type, while a 3500 dually marks 2,956 kg in the first category, 9,071 kg in the first second and no less than 16,100 kg in the third.

The price difference between four- or six-wheel configurations amounts to over £ 2,000 in all cases. Of course, other costs are higher and such pickups require two more tires (oh!) And consume more. They also require extra space to pass, as the super wide rear fenders do not help on smaller streets. This is a point where physics does not favor this type of model.


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