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  • Why Diet is More Important Than Training
Why Diet is More Important Than Training

Why Diet is More Important Than Training

In order to achieve that masculine physique you want whether you want the bulky strong physique, or the ripped defined physique. Diet is a vital element, from diet you can optimise the nutrients needed to provide the conditions for muscle gain, you will need carbohydrates for energy but not too much as too much energy is stored as fat, unless that’s what you want. None the less protein as you may have heard is the key to muscle and strength construction. Why and how you may ask? Well protein works as cement in a sense to put and repair you muscle fibres which you tear from training, and that’s how your body builds muscle. Tearing and building is how muscle becomes bigger and stronger, which seems like a daunting thing but that’s how our bodies work.

Fats are misunderstood by most. People have been misinformed regarding the reality of fats. Luckily you have me to shed light on the subject. Fats split into 2 teams the healthy and the unhealthy, the healthy team is the unsaturated fats which root down into Monounsaturated Fat which are found in nuts and vegetable oils, then you have Omega-6 Polyunsaturated which are found in soy beans and corn oil and then you have Omega-3 Polyunsaturated which can be found in fish such as salmon and herring. Saturated fats on the other hand are your enemy and these are the processed fats that your body does not really need and can turn into body fat as a result, and these are found in fast foods and processed foods such as crisps, biscuits and cheese. It won’t harm if you have a little but if you exceed you will not achieve what you may want. This is fats uncovered and now you know the secret truth about fats, not so scary now.

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