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Why choose Pendleton College

Why choose Pendleton College

Pendleton college is a great college with a high success rate in all subjects.
I am currently a student finishing my second year at Pendleton College in I.T Software.
The staff and students in this college are very friendly towards one another. The college has a good reputation, and this is why I have chosen this college. I enjoy coming to college as I see my fiends and also get the good education of the teachers.  I didn’t think I would enjoy college, but my mind has now changed due to the good education I received from the IT teachers here at Pendleton College.  I’m going to University in September something before I didn’t think I was capable of doing.  With the support and the knowledge, I received from Pendleton College, I now feel ready to go to Uni.
I recommend Pendleton College to anyone who is planning to receive education for employment or planning to go to Uni.