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Who is Black Midi?

Black Midi is a post-punk band which was formed in 2017. The band (as of lately) consists of 5 members: Geordie Greep, the lead vocalist and guitarist; Cameron Picton, the bassist who also does the synth and some vocals; Morgan Simpson, who is the drummer; Seth Evans who does synth and keyboard; Kaidi Akinnibi, who plays the saxophone.

Black midi has only done 2 albums, which are ‘Schlagenheim’ and ‘Cavalcade’. Schlagenheim was released in 2019. It is post-punk, noise rock. This album has had very high ratings, such as an 82/100 Metacritic score and the 5th best album of 2019 from the clash magazine, among many other good reviews.
Cavalcade is Black Midi’s latest album, which was released in May 2021. Which this album changed over to a more Jazz fusion, whilst still sticking with the bands post-punk roots. Cavalcade had an 81/100 Metacritic score.

Black Midi definitely has the potential to be one of the greatest bands, because of how unique their music is.

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– Dylan Case

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