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  • What You Should Take to a Festival
What You Should Take to a Festival

What you should take to a Festival

During my first festival experience I packed a back which had to many items in, which led to me becoming tired after waiting in line with it on my shoulders, this is why I have decided to help out and assist with this blog which will hopefully help advise individuals that want to attend a festival on what the necessities are, these will be listed below;

  • Tent- This is so you have somewhere to sleep.
  • Torch- This is used to be able to find your way back to the tent.
  • Festival Ticket- To gain entrance into the event.
  • Wellies- This saves you time and money washing shoes after you’ve traced around in mud.
  • Toiletries- Dry Shampoo, Deodorant, Fragrances.
  • Spare clothes- In case you get muddy or wet.
  • Sun Tan lotion- Speaks for itself, used for initial protection from the sun.
  • ID- You may get ID’d once inside the event.
  • Money- To buy things from the stalls which I mentioned
  • Sleeping Bag- To stay warm once you’re inside the tent.
  • Medication-If needed.

If you take all of these necessities that are listed above then I’m sure you would have a good time at a festival as I did. Be sure to take all the basics otherwise you may not enjoy your experience and may decide to go home earlier.


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  1. Martin

    Thank you very much! This was very useful. I liked the video of Avicii the atmosphere sounded amazing.


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