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  • What Web Design Has Become
What Web Design Has Become

What Web Design Has Become:

The current day website in my opinion is an interesting topic. This is because they have evolved so much. look back to the an example of some of the first ever websites. These were literally a blank page with writing, with a couple of in-page hyperlinks. The fact that you can now create a live website within 10 minutes, which is interactive, professional and can cost as little as £10 a month. To me that is mind blowing, yet makes me wonder if this way of web design becomes the norm, wont that completely kill web design as a profession? If these companies can provide an easier, more efficient and cheaper method of creating an equally professional website, made by a web designer. Then no one will want or need to purchase a website off a web design company. Also there is only a certain amount of website templates on these web builder sites; wont websites start to look the same?

Not only does these web builder sites remove the fun of creating websites. And yes, for those of you thinking I am weird for saying ‘webdesign is fun’, it can be fun. Building a visually interactive webpage, which can be viewed world-wide from any device, built up from a series of tags (basically just words and symbols) to me, is mind blowing. But anyway back to the point, it not only removes the fun of webdesign, it also reduces the value of having the skills to design a website dramatically. This means that in my opinion the evolution of websites will slow. The reason web design was so popular, is because its good money and like i said previously can be fun (to some people…). Without money, why would people work on improving, creating and designing websites when there isn’t a decent pay off at the end of it..



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