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  • What is White Collar? (TV Series)
What is White Collar? (TV Series)

What is White Collar? (TV Series)

For this blog I will be talking a little about the TV Show “White Collar”. This is a crime/comedy TV Series, in which a well known con-man and art forger named Neal Caffrey is caught by FBI Agent Peter Burke. Neal then is required to serve some prison time as a consequence of his crimes thanks to the clever FBI work of Agent Burke. However the life of convict Neal Caffrey wasn’t all rubbish prison food and arrogant prison guards, he is paid another visit by Peter Burke, and Burke offers Caffrey a very reasonable deal, which is that Neal can be released from prison providing that he does work for the FBI to catch other white collar criminals such as himself for a two year period, he will also be required to wear a tracking anklet to monitor his movement. Neal accepts this offer without much thought and is quickly thrown into the world of bureau work. The show then goes on to have many episodes (7 Seasons infarct) of Burke, Caffrey catching other criminals and coming into other troubles along the way.

In my opinion this is a very good TV show and possibly one of the best crime shows of the past decade, as it provides entertainment, comedy and something other than your typical CSI episode. I highly recommend it.

List of Characters:

  • Neal Caffrey (Convicted con man)
  • Mozzie (Neal’s Best friend)
  • Peter Burke (FBI Agent)
  • Elizabeth Burke (Peter’s Wife)
  • Sara Ellis (Neal’s Girlfriend)
  • Kate Moreau (Neal’s ex girlfriend)
  • Jones (FBI Agent)
  • Diana (FBI Agent)
  • Kramer (Peter’s Boss)

Image from; White Collar Lexicon

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