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What is the Deadliest Martial Art?

What is the Deadliest Martial Art?

As humans from an early age we by instinct and nature have the combatants and fighters amongst us whether you are a hunter or a defending yourself from an opponent. The human body is amazing to what its capabilities are, with the right conditions and training the mind and the body become one just as we see from martial artists such as the famous Bruce Lee who is famous for the one inch punch and Jet li who is known for his Wushu martial art. Yes they are actors however most of what is seen is based on agility and strength and only the skilled can perform.
There is a controversy as to what really is the deadliest martial art, and here’s why. Each martial art originates from a particular region and a martial art can be built upon old cultures and traditions and that’s what makes them unique in their own way. If we look at Capoeira for example, it is a martial art formed by African and native slaves in Brazil who were forbidden from defending themselves. Capoeira consists of acrobatics and dance to hide brutal and unexpected attacks which may seem to the opponent as an outgoing dance can end in an unpredicted deadly attack and that’s what makes this martial art stand out from many. If we look at Wing-Chun, a Chinese martial art we see it focuses on face to face combat that deals deadly counter attacks upon foes in battles.
You now apprehend that some martial arts cannot be compared because a martial art can focus on a particular body part as the main function and rules of engagement which make it exclusive. For two martial arts to compete for what’s best, it is all dependable on who the fighters are and how skilled they are at what they practice.