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What is Animation?

Did you know about the plethora of ways someone could make an animation? The way animation has advanced throughout human history is very extensive. This is because there are many different tools and methods used to make these variety of animations. In other words, this post will explain some of the different animation methods that are used.


One of these animation types is called the Zoetrope. The Zoetrope was created by William George Horner in 1834. It consists of a cylinder with holes and images on the inside of the cylinder. To view the animation, the cylinder would be spun, and the viewer would need to look through the holes and see the animation. This would create the illusion on motion. Recently, the cylinder isn’t required as you can just use a camera and something that can rotate to create a Zoetrope.


The next type of animation is called the Kinescope. The Kinetoscope was created by Thomas Edison in 1897. It was a large cabinet that was made so one person can watch the animation at a time. This is because the viewer would have to look through a peephole that held the film for the animation and a light behind it. The film would go up the box via a spinning wheel and wasn’t projected. After that, the film would slowly roll past the viewing hole and let someone watch the animation.


Claymation was invented by Will Vinton in 1897. This is creating an animation using a material that would be constantly remodeled every frame. This material would usually be clay or plasticine. Moreover, it can take a long time to create this kind of animation every frame would need to near replicate the last frame and creating a full animation like that would be very time consuming. A lot of popular shows and movies have been made through Claymation. For example, Wallace and Gromit.

Cel Animation

Cel Animation was invented by Earl Hurd in 1914. The animation would work through layers meaning if you wanted to move something, you wouldn’t need to redo a background but just move a Cel. This is because everything would be placed on separate layers such as the background and character. Now it’s used in a lot of animation software in the same way.


Just a year later, Rotoscoping was invented. Rotoscoping was invented by Max Fleischer in 1915. Rotoscoping is creating an animation by tracing motion picture footage – Real people moving – Which they can edit. This makes the animation look incredibly realistic as they had traced everything frame by frame which gives it the live action feel to it. Rotoscoping is used today however, it’s done through software.

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