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Web Design for Beginners

Web Design for Beginners: I have recently gained an interest in web design. Therefore I don’t really know that much about it. But I can relate to the beginner’s. When I started to learning the web design ways, I was left dazed and confused at what applications to use, what language I should be coding, how to structure a website… I pretty much had 0 knowledge of how anything works.

Anyone who’s a beginner probably knows what I am talking about. Normally if anyone has a problem, you just GOOGLE it, GOOGLE always has the answer. But when it comes to web design, it’s all complicated and makes no sense to a normal human being. Which means it’s difficult to start learning. For starters what do you even use? JAVASCRIPT? HTML/CSS? PHP? From my experience I started using Visual Basic. This is pretty self explanatory, its basic… It’s very user friendly, free and there is LOTS of understandable information on the Internet. Personally I didn’t start using Visual Basic as a web design tool, but it provides an in site to how code works… It teaches basic structure and framework (and you can actually make a responsive website example, easily).

Once the beginner has played around with Visual Basic, I would recommend moving onto Adobe’s web builder application, Dream Weaver. Again this was what I personally went on to using next. Alike Visual Basic it’s a very user-friendly application. It has plenty of tools to help build a website, and again there is SOME help to be found on the web. Dreamweaver can use many different languages to build a website with. I personally would recommend HTML and CSS as these languages work together to create either simple or extremely complex and professional websites. Most ‘normal’ people can easily learn HTML and CSS, in my opinion. Id also like to say, try to stay clear of PHP and JAVASCRIPT until you can build a decent website using HTML & SCC.

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