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Warcraft mounts

Do wonder if there are an mounts in game that you could collect? Well there are.

In the game here are 486 mounts that you can collect, some are very rare and some you can buy for a small price from a vendor. The mounts that players tend to farm the most are the mounts that drop in Draenor.

Rare mounts that drop from Draenor

There are seven different rare mounts that drop in Draenor that you can collect. six of these NPC’S have a long spawn time except for one and have 100% drop chance to drop the mount.

Nakk the Thunderer– the mount that drops from this NPC is called the Bloodhoof bull. This NPC can be found in Nagrand, the minimum time for Nakk to spawn is 20 hours and his spawn time is effected by server restarts.

Nakk the thunderer

Gorok– The mount that drops from Gorok is called the Great Greytusk. this NPC can be found in Frostfire ridge. This NPC is a level 93 elite with very low health. Gorok has a 7-8 hour spawn timer and is not effected by server restarts.


Luk’hok– This NPC drops a mount called Mottled Meadowstomper. Luk’hok can be found in Nagrand, he is a level 100 rare elite and he has a 6-8 hour spawn timer.


Poundfist– This NPC drops a mount called the Sunhide Gronnling. Poundfist can be found in Gogrond and he is one of the most popular rares that you can for the mount. Poundfist has one of the longest spawn timer in the game, as his spawn timer is 50+ hours. the longest record that he has is 137+ hours.


Silthide– This NPC  has five different spawn points and can be found in Talador. This NPC drops the rare mount Sapphire Riverbeast. His spawn timer is between 12 and 28 hours.


Pathrunner– This rare NPC can be found in Shadowmoon Valley and he drops the rare mount Swift Breezestrider. Pathrunner has a 6-8 spawn timer and his health does not scale when he is attacked by players.



This  NPC drops the are mount Garn Nighthowl. Nok-Karosh can be found in Frostfire ridge and unlike the other rare NPC’s that can be found in Draenor, Nok-Karosh has the shortest spawn timer. His spawn timer is roughly 20 minutes and the mount that he drops is BoE so it can be sold on the auction house or traded to other players. When he is killed he only drops one mount so unfortunately you will have to roll for the mount when you are in a group.


Garn Nighthowl


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