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Viva La Turkey

The first question you will be asking is why is this article called “Viva La Turkey”? Why not “Viva La France”? Surely it should be, due to the terrorist attack that happened on the 13th of November 2015, well I am here to inform you about what you probably did not know.

Most of us know of the incident that happened on the 13th of November 2015 in France, but if not I will explain and give you more statistics. At 9:20PM CET (Central European Time, one hour ahead of GMT, UK time) there were 3 separate suicide bombing at Stade de France, which was only one part of the terror attack, since there also began mass shootings. Although the most known attack was in the Bataclan theatre, where terrorists took hostages and were at a stand of with the police, which ended at 00:58 the next day. The key statics you need is that approximately 130 people were unfortunately killed (89 of which were at the Bataclan theatre), then another 352 reportedly so far injured.

Now just the day before, there was another terrorist attack in Lebanon, committed by the same people who declared they have done the terrorist attack in France, ISIL/ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). In this attack 43 people were killed, as well as 240 injured, now I will ask, why was this not on the news?

Also, on the 31st of October, this year (2015), another terrorist attack happened in Egypt, by ISIL/ISIS again. Where they destroyed Metrojet Flight 9268, where 224 passenger died. You can look on Wikipedia if you would like for the entirety of terrorist incidents that have happened this year, but I’ll get to the point of this article.

Now, on the 10th of October, ISIL/ISIS committed another terrorist attack, this time in Ankara, Turkey. In this incident they suicide bombed a peace rally, that was supported by the HDP, which was taking place in Ankara central station. They left 102 people dead, then another 508 injured, which brings the figures close to that of the attack that happened in Franch.

I must now ask why it was not covered by the new in the UK as much as the incident in Franch has? This I do not truly know the answer to, but when looking on Facebook, and seeing people’s profile pictures, which the French flag above, I ask a similar question. Why, a month ago, didn’t I see the same type of coverage and sympathy for those in Turkey? Why was there not an option on Facebook, like there is today for France, to overlay an image of the Turkish flag above your profile?

I do not know the answer to these questions, and although I think all of these are terrible incidents, as well as mourn for those who were lost. I am not going to update my Facebook profile picture to one with a French flag above, not out of ignorance, or because I do not care, but out of equality. Even though a life is tragedic to lose, as well as injuries are horrible, just because it happened in the EU, doesn’t mean they are worth more than those who it happened to in Turkey a month ago. Viva La, all of human kind.

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