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Visual Basic “Word Chain” Development

Since I am an enthusiastic student of ICT, when we started doing more programming units, I took up the task to learn more about Visual Basic (the programming language we are taught at Salford City College). I watched a variety of tutorial videos for visual basic, introducing me to arrays  and other such features that I would not learn about in class. After watching these videos, I created the skills system from the Fallout games (which you can download, extract and run the .exe), which used an array, for next statement and calling methods.

After this I was given an example game (a Visual Basic program) where you had to predict weather a playing card was going to be a higher or lower number than the previous card, I analysed the code to understand it, then it introduced me to passing variables through methods. Then after learning these features, I wanted to make another program and it was around this time I watched the Anime “No Game No Life”, where there is a game called “Materialization Shiritori” (“Shiritori” being a Japanese word game).

The rules being different from the game I created, where in “Materialization Shiritori” the words can be from any language, as long as they are not fictional words, then the first to die (since these words are Materialization, if “Lion” was played, a Lion would appear) would lose, also the next word needs to be played within 40 seconds after the last (if the player does not, they also lose). But here are my rules:

1. You must type a real word from the dictionary.
2. This word must begin with the last letter of the previous word.
2a. Unless this is the first word, then it can begin in any letter.
3. You can not use a word that has been used before.
If you break any of these rules, you will lose the game.

But now have been tasked to create a game for “Unit 22 – Developing Computer Games”, so since I put work into this game, I decided to use it (after asking if I could, since it does specified a graphical interface, and I used a Console Window in Visual Basic). Here were the requirements for the game:

1. A form with basic graphics.
2. An Exit button/procedure to close the games.
3. At least one input function (eg inputbox).
4. At least one output function (eg msgbox).
5. Code that uses at least 3 variables with different data types.
6. At least one selection statement, ie an IF or CASE statement.
7. At least one iteration statement, ie a DO WHILE loop, a FOR loop or a DO LOOP UNTIL.

Which I have more than met, also with; more than 10 different methods, FileOpen, Functions, While Not, putting text from a file into a 2d array, an array (which the space is generated dynamically), Collections, ToUpper, Substring, StreamReader as well as passed variables through methods and much more.

Then for one of the criteria for an assignment task is “suggest improvements to a computer game following user feedback.”, so I thought to gain “user feedback” (other than from my peers), I uploaded a portable version of my game (the debug version), then put a link for users to download and play it on a form, that people can use to submit feedback after testing.

Which you can view here.

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