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Virtual Reality Tech Evolving


Virtual Reality Technologies are evolving as new systems are sold to the public with better features for a better virtual experience. These new VR technologies will give rise to so many new and unique interactions, it will truly change the way we design user interfaces and interact with computer systems. Interfaces will no longer be trapped in tiny screens but will instead inhabit our own three – dimensional world.

Technologies like body tracking are being build to make virtual experience as realistic as possible to give the effect like you on a different world. Body tracking allows the computer to get info on the players body movements to implement it on the game so that the players movements is mimicked on the game to create an illusion that you’re in the game.

In most VR, movement is usually done by clicking buttons on the controller or using the joystick from a controller to move. This makes movement in open world games less realistic as you don’t actually use physical movement to do so. Companies like KatVR solved this issue by creating VR treadmills, for users to use as movement for VR games. These VR treadmills allows to use IRL (In Real Life) physical movement and the VR treadmill will track the players movements and apply to the game so that each step the player takes will be read and executed on the game to make the realistic illusion like the player is walking in-game, making the experience more intense.

However, these technologies cost a lot of money to buy meaning not everyone can afford such experience. For example, the C Virtual Reality Omni-Directional treadmill by KatVR costs around £1,600 excluding the actual VR headset. Modern VR headset like Oculus Quest 2 costs around £300 which can be pricy when combining cost with the treadmill and body tracking device.


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