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Due to the recent outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, the entire world into a major shutdown and since then we have been slowly opening back up and restrictions have been loosening up. In an attempt to hopefully minimise the damage that the disease is causing, leaders around the world are starting to introduce vaccines for the public to take, but recently these same leaders believe that not enough people are taking the vaccine to minimise this tool from the virus. And they are in discussion about the average citizen taking the vaccine as well starting to develop vaccine passports and forcing different sectors of workers to take the vaccine.

The argument against the vaccine mandate

The first argument about being against the vaccine is that it is unneeded for the government to mandate a vaccine against a virus that has a low infection rate against those who are already in a very low risk group, these are those who under 18 but could also be applied to anyone below the age of roughly 40 years old. Data from the first 12 months of the pandemic had only 25 people under the age of 18 dying from the Covid 19 virus and that was mostly with young folks with underlying health conditions.


  • The vaccine has elements that are harmful to the human body


This second argument is about the effects of the vaccines 

Shawn Brookes a doctor from oxford with many experience and academic study in physiology and health. This man had reported that a man by the name of Dr.Robert Malone who created the RNA vaccine said there are very harmful effects to the vaccine, this is because of the decreased immune system by 15 ranging up to 35% for individuals(depending on how much of the vaccines you have taken, fully vaccinated with booster shots) another harmful effect of the body is  anti-body enhancement- this tricks the body into thinking the cells are eating up the pathogens, which leads to a cytokine storm(link to what that is) and finally blood clots(give links). Many other doctors have made interesting claims about the covid 19 vaccines as well however these are just one examples about the claims about the vaccine.

when it (food and drug administration) had also not gone through a process in order to be able to approve of the Covid 19 vaccine, this has caused mistrust and scepticism regarding the vaccine and even towards the intentions of those who are dishing out this vaccine. The FDA process is quite vigorous, it requires a biologic license application which consists of hundreds of documentation, clinical and “preclinical” data as well as any reports and what the facilities and processes were like. All of this information and resources take a long time to collect never mind actually sorting through, reading through and understanding. To be specific, under normal circumstances it would take 10 months to finish the process, however due to the virus and a rush by the public and the government themselves to get the vaccine out, Pfizer and Morderna have applied for a special designation to be able to fast track the approval for these vaccines for the FDA process (J&J has yet to submit an application themselves until later in 2021). Because of all of this, there is scepticism about the safety and validity of any of these vaccines that have so far came out

And after all this it still takes a long time to create a vaccine, lasting 10 – 15 years and it includes processes and lots of trials phases, although these vaccines only took a couple of months to a single year, a big gap between conventional processes.

Another big argument against the vaccine, perhaps the biggest argument is that vaccines are being forced onto the public, this is evident with attempts in France to create and utilize “vaccine passports”, these passports will allow a vaccinated individual to enter into any building or event they like provided that a user has proof of their vaccination and leaving out those who haven’t taken a vaccine and don’t have proof. Not only that but in other parts of the world, businesses have been denying and firing workers who have admitted to not taking the vaccines. These series of actions by governments all over the world is making people question whether what they are doing is illegal. Additionally, this has a potential for creating a different type of segregation and divide amongst the people themselves, if things are to develop even more this could get even worse (though the divide is present as we speak)

One more argument against the vaccine is that natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine itself. In June a family foundation found that 57 percent of those infected by Covid had already been vaccinated which already puts up some questions regarding whether the vaccine is even effective enough.

  • Memory cells have shown that memory cells form in an individuals body from natural immunity by exposure to the virus. And that these things will produce antibodies against any other bad virus at hand. 95% of the 200 participants within a study had “durable immune responses” up to eight months after infection. Although, antibodies declined after these 8 months, memory B cells increased over time.
  • In a study conducted by several countries, it was found that not one of over 1300 unvaccinated employee was infected by Covid over a period of 5 months which shows that they didn’t need any vaccination and that immunity from your body Is very effective. Furthermore, studies have shown that as a person around and under the age of 50 years old covid 19 deaths are at a 0.4% chance of happening and only increases up to 19% at an old age.
  • One more study in Israel showed that 1% of weekly new cases were in people of who had Covid and that 6% of the population were unvaccinated and were also infected before. A doctor analysing this study and the effectiveness of the vaccine says “these numbers look very low”.

All of these data’s seem to show that people who are vaccinated have better immunity to the influenza-like virus than the unvaccinated.

Arguments for vaccine mandate

Will enable a stronger immunity to this virus

  • Reduces risk of transmission less so than those who are less unvaccinated which could lower infection rates amongst the older population which can make that group of people that bit safer against Covid 19 pandemic, people who were fully vaccinated had a 65% likelihood of not spreading the virus against the alpha variant.
  • Curves the Covid infection rates

Due to the vaccines being able to reduce infection rates, the data that would show would start to curve and slowly start to decline over time once a certain amount of people have taken the vaccine, this could lead to even lower deaths and covid cases.

However after all the data from both sides, only time and more research over these times will decide which side was correct and what the best approach was in order to get past and overcome the pandemic that had hit us so suddenly in march 2020.


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