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  • US Election 2020
US Election 2020

Quick summary

This years US election is looking to be a close one. It will be a close one like the 1916 and 2000 elections. The current leader for the Republican Party is Donald Trump and is currently the president after winning in the 2016 Elections against Hillary Clinton who represented the Democratic Party. Currently the leader of the Democratic Party is Joe Biden. Biden is known for being the Vice President of Barrack Obama back in the 2008 and 2012 election in which the Democratic Party won.

Joe Biden’s results as of now

Joe Biden is currently in the lead in the Presidential race with 25 Electoral College votes. He is currently at 238 Electoral college votes. He needs to get to 270 to win to become president.

Donald Trump’s results as of now

Donald Trump is currently losing in the race he is at 213 votes he will need 25 to to be level; 26 to be ahead; and 57 to win.

My Predictions

My predictions for this years election will be a Biden win by 2 votes as i’m looking at previous voting from the states that haven’t voted yet. This is my prediction based on what the previous votes have been since 2012 and what they are now. Here are our predictions:

My predictions based on history

the statistics we shown was extracted from: https://ig.ft.com/us-election-2020/

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