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  • US Debt Ceiling Reached?
US Debt Ceiling Reached?

The US Department of Treasury has announced that the US Government has reached the Debt Ceiling, with a Divided Senate which won’t raise it again and a new scheme put in December to stop a Government Shutdown. When the US will hit the debt ceiling we do not know, but the estimate is the 18th of October, with during Trumps Presidency there being 4 Government Shutdowns with his 4th one being the longest in US History. This week the Republicans blocked the idea of a bill that would give the Government short-term funding. Since the Democrats control all 3 branches of federal spending, with them being in control of what they spend, with them introducing an infrastructure plan and a social reform bill. Even if the Current Administration avoids the crisis of another Government shutdown, and raise the Debt Ceiling, they will eventually have the address the issue of the ceiling and Americas Massive Debt crisis (currently $28.4T).

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