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  • Ultra-wide vs other monitors
Ultra-wide vs other monitors

Ultra-wide vs other monitors

Ultra-wide monitors are not so commonly used at the moment, but in my opinion, they should be! I have been using a 15 years old monitor (left on the picture) which worked perfectly fine, although it was a bit of a square display, it worked for what it was intended to. However, seeking an upgrade I was looking through a variety of monitors until I saw an ultra-wide monitor… I was amused and therefore I bought LG 29UM65 (right on the picture)which is a 29 inch HD display with resolution of 2560 x 1080 (21:9).

This was a great choice as it allows me to work on 3 things at the same time with ease of use, it is double the display of my previous monitor, so I can have presentations at the same time to do my work and not be distracted by having the constant need of switching between them.

Playing games work great too, it gives me a bigger view on the sides so I can actually see more than others on standard full HD monitors (16:9). Watching movies is a pleasure as ultra-wide offers cinema view, which is the ratio aspect of standard cinema movie… wide! So say goodbye to the black bars at the top of the screen as with this monitor you will not see them anymore.

To summarise this blog, I just wanted to share my expression and personal opinion on these ultra-wide monitors to make you think if you cannot decide what monitor to buy!

Source: taken with my phone in my room


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