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  • Twitch users Brittany Venti Banned
Twitch users Brittany Venti Banned

Twitch users being banned Brittany Venti Banned

Brittany Venti | Twitch

This post is explaining how some really annoying streamers can be banned by the community, in this case a streamer called ‘Crittany Benti’ was banned from twitch, for breaching community guidelines.

The community guidelines on twitch are :

Sexual content

Explicit language

Ban evasion

Not streaming listed options

The account ‘BrittanyVenti’ was banned last week for breaching these above rules, she was then banned from twitch completely as they also hand out Ip bans to prevent the user from coming back to the site and causing havoc.

She is now streaming on Istream, if you wish to follow her, ‘BrittanyVenti’

Tips: Don’t follow here she’s annoying and really gets on your nerves with her ‘walking down town’ dance, I also reported her over 1000 times, due to her weird eyes, they were freaking me out big time!

In the future I would recommend following other streamers such as F64_Rx and Syndicate.


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