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Tutorials – Posts

This post’s sole purpose is to teach you how to complete posts so they’re ready for publication.

Posts need:

  • A ‘Labelled for Reuse’ featured image.  (This will be the image that appears on the ‘Blogs’ page).
  • SEO section filled in effectively.  (This puts your posts on Google’s search results).
  • To be set to the appropriate category.  (This helps subscribers to read blogs that they may be interested in).


Posts Tutorial:


Firstly you must select appropriate categories for your posts.  This can be done on any post, new or old that you’ve publicized.  The categories can be found below the ‘Publish’ side bar when you’re creating or editing posts.  It looks like this:

Just select an appropriate category to your post and your post will then be categorized under that category.





SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO’s purpose is to rank your page on the Google listings.  Basically if this is done well, your post will appear on Google if certain phrases are entered into Google.  This part is a little more complicated but it’s easy when you get used to it.  The key to SEO is to keep tweaking the settings; the post also must be a reasonable length approx.  250-300 words, for the SEO to be “Good”.

The SEO options is below where you write your blog.  It looks like this:

SEO Before (Click Image to Enlarge):


SEO After (Click Image to Enlarge):

To have effective SEO try to get all the Focus Keyword Usage Criteria as Yes (Green).





Featured Image:

The featured image, as most images are copyrighted, unless you created/photographed the image then you must use “labelled for reuse”, fortunately using Google Image search, this is very easy.

Firstly navigate to Google Images and search for an appropriate image for your post:

Click image to enlarge:

Next find an appropriate image for your blog; an image you’d like to use to be displayed on the blogs page.  It must be labelled for reuse as otherwise the content is protected by copyright and therefore cannot be used without permission.

Click images to enlarge them:

Firstly you must be on “edit post” or a “new post” page, then on the right hand side you will see boxes.  These boxes will contain Categories and more, you want to find the “Featured Image” box, then click add or set featured image.  Select the “upload” tab and browse and find where you saved your desired image then select “OK”.  You must then select “update” or “publish” or “save as draft” depending on whether or not you’re still working on your blog.

I hope this was useful, if you have any questions please leave a comment below.  



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