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  • Top 3 Best-Selling Games in History
Top 3 Best-Selling Games in History

Top 3 Best-Selling Games in History

1- Minecraft is the best selling game in history with a total of 238,000,000 copies sold. It is no surprise seeing Minecraft at the top, considering the fact that everyone can play this game and have fun. It isn’t hard to get into, because the mechanics are not too hard. Also the game has been out for 10 years as of now in 2021. And it is suitable for kids, teenagers, adults and elderly people.

2- Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is the second most sold game in history with 155,000,000 copies sold. This game is very good and very popular, the best part of the game is the online mode where you are free to do a lot of things. Such as playing with friends, making new friends, participate in missions alongside other people, buy properties, participate in online races against friends or other people from all over the world… Most of the things you can do in real life you can recreate in the game.

The only thing holding the game back in terms of sales is that the game is not for all publics. Kids should not play this game because it has content that isn’t suitable for kids such as drug misuse, bad language and other things that should not be recreated in real life.

3- Tetris Mobile from Electronic Arts, this game is the third most sold game in history. Anyone could play this game and have fun because of how easy the gameplay is. It’s not made for a specific group of people. Adults, kids, teenagers and elderly people can play this game without any issue.

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Post written by: Desmond Peter