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  • Top 10 Simple but Amazing Games
Top 10 Simple but Amazing Games

Top 10 Simple but Amazing Games


Article written by Stephen C

People like simple games. Anything with an easy to grasp concept can attract players from almost any genre of video games. Although the current gaming market is so focused on making multi-million dollar games, it’s fun to just sit back and play a basic game with a nice story or aesthetic.


#10 | One Finger Death Punch


One finger death punch, while not being placed #1 on this list, is possibly one of the best examples of how simplicity can make a good game. This game uses only 2 buttons/keys in the control scheme; the left and right mouse buttons. The left and right buttons will attack in their respective directions leaving the player open to attack from enemies if they miss the target by clicking too soon or clicking the wrong direction. The game also incorporates a range of animations and cartoon effects as well as providing the player with weapons which switches up the gameplay and the player must always be prepared to use any weapons that they come across in this fast paced world of fighting.


#9 | Receiver


Receiver is a game that requires the player to remember how to reload, unjam, aim and fire their gun using a variety of keys on their keyboard. Each action of the gun is performed using a separate key while still not over-complicating the controls. For example: removing the magazine, placing bullets into the mag, putting the mag back into the game, cocking the gun, aiming and firing all use unique controls from each other. The story is basic and involves the player collecting audio tapes with each tape providing more information than the previous tape.

#8 | Luftrausers


Luftrausers is a basic aircraft dogfight game in which the player can customize their planes to make it specific to their individual play styles and needs. The game also has multiple game modes, some of which include the player futily battling a barrage of enemy aircraft with a zero percent chance of survival. All in all, this game is the perfect combination of evasion of enemies while also attacking back.

#7 | Little Inferno


Little Inferno looks like cute game with a dark undertone. This game just emits loneliness and in my opinion is the perfect metaphor for gaming amongst modern children. With the whole game revolving around looking into a fireplace and burning items in order to progress and burn more items with no incentive other than to continue burning items. The game manages to keep sucking the player into it until the end of the game where the player is taken abruptly away from the fireplace to witness the true world. All of the game you will receive letters, creating a bond with the other character while never actually meeting the other character and being stuck forever with a brick wall between you.

#6 | Lovely Planet


This game is the speed-runners paradise. Lovely Planet is designed for each level to be replayed many times as they are very simple and easy to complete. The real game isn’t in completing the levels but in finishing the levels in the fastest time possible with players restarting repetitively in order to finish even just a millisecond faster than everybody else. This game if great for anybody interested in speed-running without having to sit in massive multi-hour play sessions.

#5 | Hotline Miami


In contrast to the previous game Hotline Miami is, of course, the most bloody on this list of games, with the player brutally murdering countless people as go on a seemly drug induced nightmare. Each level will involve the player receiving phone calls from an unknown person to then go to their next target building and killing everything including enemies armed with small weapons, guns and attack dogs. This game shines because of how brutal it really is with the player being required to stab, shoot, and smash people’s heads on the ground until they die. This game will force you to plan out every move due to even the smallest mistake costing your life and restarting the level. In short, this game is just a ‘bloody’ fun mess.

#4 | Papers Please


This game truly tests the player’s morality as you have to play as border security in the communist country of Arstotzka. The player will have to make choices between looking after themselves and allowing people to come into the country. You will have many tasks to do while checking people’s ID and passports as new rules are added as you continue. The game becomes a struggle as you will need to check a very large amount of details as fast as possible. This description only scratches the surface and has much more depth than is possible to explain in few words. It is extremely recommended to experience this game for yourself to understand how deep this game really is.

#3 | Thomas Was Alone


This game, while containing such basic graphics it still manages to portray its story and embodies simple shapes with deep emotions and characteristics. Everything about this game is made to make the player become attached to each new character/shape found. Although it’s essentially a puzzle game, it’s still a must-play game with the puzzles not being too hard. The overall motivation to keep playing is for the story just to find out what happens to these amazingly characterized shapes.

#2 | Grow Home


This game displays that no matter how much a company can release broken, unfinished, broken, glitchy, horrible games, they can still be forgiven… or at least slightly forgiven. With their recent release, Assasins Creed Unity, being released with an unfathomable amount of bugs and issues they still manage to publish this unique and great game. This game with have you playing the role of an adorable robot named B.U.D. set with the task of manipulating a huge beanstalk-like plant as they also search for mysterious blue, magical gems. You’ll find yourself flying with a jetpack and gliding via flower petals in no time.

#1 | The Stanley Parable


This is just another game with a linear story… but only if you choose to follow it. Sure, you can just follow the path that was chosen for you, or you could break loose and follow your own path. This story is made to be disobeyed with multiple story lines which can be mixed and matched to make your own story as the narrator narrates your every choice. You may find yourself breaking the fourth wall with the game even fully acknowledging the fact that it’s a game all within one of the many storylines. This game allows you to express your freewill or not to and you can just follow everything you’re told to do, most of which will lead to your death either way.