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 Storyboard vs Graphics

The top games of nowadays and the current technology available to develop the games to be literally realistic as in real life, some would say impossible but some would say no way they did it. There are plenty of games which are rated by people and experts but really everyone has a different point of view at the games development as well as looking at its features but most important look at how much realistic it is, also storyboard is very important when rating a game.

A lot of people will look at the graphics and say that they want this game before it is in the shop, this is done by pre-order this allows them to receive the game as soon as it leaves the factory, some people can by for example Dragon Age Inquisition because it looks good but they have never played this game.


First game which in my opinion and not only my opinion is Gothic released in March 2001 and was and still is the best adventure medieval times game and also fantasy game ever released at this time, competitive game was Diablo, by statistics is has beaten Gothic but just by a little.

Gothic like I mentioned is aimed at medieval times and involves magic, the storyboard is very addictive but it only works for fans of medieval games, some people prefer Call of Duty or Medal of Honour, if you really enjoy the storyboards of medieval games then Gothic is the one. It is basically aimed at the difference between mages and humans, problem is that the mages create a shield which isolates certain areas and there is no way to escape.

Once you meet a guy called Diego the game begins, you can level up and choose your attributes as well as skills, it is one of the best games ever and I do recommend it.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault

This game is the competition for Call of duty from a long time, battlefield has also got involved but a bit later on, in my opinion medal of honor was the best shooting game every back in the day, I mean roughly about 10 years ago, I loved the storyboard as well as the graphics and realistic level this is why I have chosen this specific release of Medal Of Honor. What catches me was when you shoot an enemy in a leg on feet; the enemy will feel pain and nearly fall on the ground, once the enemy takes 1 more bullet the drops on the ground. This is why I do love Medal of Honor and I dislike call of duty and the reason is lack of realism.

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