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  • The Silk Road: Good of the Bad
The Silk Road: Good of the Bad

I would like to start by saying that I have never purchased anything of the Silk Road, I do not advice that you should either, or condone illegal drug use. Also my views and options do not represent those of “Daily Manchester”.

As most of us should know “The Silk Road”, or version 2 to be precise, is one of the biggest black markets on the deep web (which I have also written an article about on this site here). But it is one of the biggest for a number of reasons, and for these (3) reasons I do not think it should necessarily be took down (talking about the drugs section only for this post).

Firstly, the Silk Road generally does not allow the exchange of explicit/violent images/videos of intercourse of those under the legal age, which means the operators of this market have some humanity in them.

Secondly, they have had to use initiative to get to the top, as well as stay there, which has been spearheaded by quite a few interesting ways of solving issues. For starters, they use the crypto-currency Bitcoins’, which if you don’t know is a non centralized digital currency. But there is an issue with the blockchain (how Bitcoins work, their rules and how it is shared on every device running the Bitcoin algorithm), that being all transactions are recorded and are available to view in the public domain.

Due to this when the Silk Road is using their other initiative idea, being a three tier escrow system (illustrated below). They also use a mixing system (for example Bitmixer.io) to make the transactions more anonymous. This works by the purchaser putting the money in a bucket (which is fed to the Silk Road as seen in their escrow system), then the dealer receiving the amount later, but not the same Bitcoin/s (so it’s even harder to track back).

Silk Road Escrow

Thirdly, the purity is usually guarantied to be high, being that it has not laced or been medalled with in any other way. This is due to the Silk Road being a marketplace similar to eBay, where there are a vast amount of dealers which have their own ratings. Due to this the dealers have to provide high quality products to get good ratings (compete with each other), which will turn into more customers for them, as well as sometimes providing the customers with deals to (as well as still high purity).

Now we must also ask the question, what would happen if the Silk Road was shut down permanent? Being drug addicts the customers would need their fix, so they would go to other sources (primary still on the Dark Web). But unlike the Silk Road, the purity of drugs cannot be as easily guaranteed on these other sites (or in real life), which means it’ll be more dangerous for purchasers/customers.

Hopefully you should see now why the Silk Road is not necessarily a bad place (from a certain perspective), although like I did mention in my disclaimer at the top, I do not condone illegal drug use nor purchesed from sites like this before. But nether the less, no matter what my opinion is on drug use (or anybody elses), people are still going to take drugs, which is why I beleive it’d be better for there to be a save marketplace running (the Silk Road).

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