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  • The Russian that saved the world from a nuclear war
The Russian that saved the world from a nuclear war


It was the morning of 26th September 1986, Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov was stationed at a secret command centre in Russia. Just hours into his shift that alarm systems went off, the Soviet Union early warning missile attack system has just detected an American ballistic missile is heading towards the Soviet Union, first it was just one missile then four others followed until there was a warning of missiles. Stanislav job was to report them to his superiors, which in turn would cause the soviets to launch their nuclear missiles causing a Russian Nuclear war between America and the Russians that will kill billions all over the world, to put things into perspective this happened at the peak of the cold war, so any escalations could cause the death of billions. Stanislav stood his ground and did not report the warnings to his superiors because he concluded that those were false warnings, he said that the system mistook the suns reflection of clouds as missiles. A documentary has been made about his story where reveals a lot of secretes.

There is another Russian man that heroically saved the world from a nuclear war during the Cuban missiles crises in 1963 similarly to Stanislav, his name is Vasily Aleksandrovich Arkhipov. He was a soviet navy officer stationed in a nuclear submarine ear Cuba. The sub marine stayed deep in the ocean so they hadn’t contacted Moscow for days, the Americans were dropping depth charges all the time, the sound the explosions hadn’t stopped so the Russians thought that a war between the Americans and Soviets have already started. The submarine crew wanted to launch the nuclear torpedo because they didn’t want to become the shame of the fleet, launching a nuclear weapon required all three senior officers to agree, so when they were about to launch them Vsily stepped in, he managed to convince the crew there was no war and that the drop charges were just a warning and that the Americans knew the soviets were there and just wanted to get to the surface and talk.

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written by Oussama Mahrouk