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  • The rise and fall of dropshipping
The rise and fall of dropshipping

shipping The rise and fall of drop shipping

Dropshipping, an order fulfillment method involving the store selling products and passing the same order to a supplier who ships the order to the customer. It’s a common method with Amazon and eBay sellers to send orders to suppliers who then, ships to the customers. This has created income and an opportunity for people to sell a huge range of products; due to its minimum requirement to have a store, as it’s easier to set up.

Despite opening opportunities for people to be financially independent, there are a lot of misinformed courses which cost a lot of money and most people never get into the business. Shipping fees can be extremely expensive and despite not requiring a store they still cost a lot of money. Advertisement fees or trial products can also cost a lot of money. Since prices are high, it can lead to loss of money if a fail of business occurs.

Written by-Eva

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