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  • The Overwatch League 2020 All-Star Skins
The Overwatch League 2020 All-Star Skins

This year the Overwatch League went with a Heaven (D.Va) and Earth (Reinhardt) theme. This time with the previous Themes: sun for the character Lucio and moon for the character Mercy. These are from 2019. In 2018 the Overwatch League went with a tribal volcanic god skin for Genji and an Atlantean deity skin for Tracer.

The New Overwatch League 2020 All-Star Skins - D. VaPacific D.Va

The Heaven based Overwatch League skin for D. Va is called Celestial D.Va. This skin itself looks very heavenly with its sky-blue colour and clouds to make it look heaven-like. The skin has hints of gold to add to the theme of Heaven.

The skin itself is two skins because you have the skin for the mech and the skin for D. Va. The D. Va skin is mainly sky-blue with hints of gold and white clouds. The hair for the character is a fringe cut which with the hair down to the shoulders. The hair is a mix between a white and cream colour.

The New Overwatch League 2020 All-Star Skins - ReinhardtAtlantic Reinhardt

The Overwatch League skin for Reinhardt is themed on the earth. The skin consists of thorny branches, green gemstones and has patches of green that could be moss or grass. Also a unique detail that is apart of the skin is the fireflies that are above the head which has two horns made from wood with a green glow on the tip.

The skins are meant to represent the Atlantic and Pacific divisions of the Overwatch League and are a way for the league to make money as the skins can be free if you have been saving up your tokens throughout the year by watching the Overwatch League.

If you haven’t been saving up then it costs £8.99 for the skin as it gives you the 200 tokens you need. But if you want both and have no tokens then it will cost £16.99 for the 400 tokens you will need. The skins are for the Overwatch League event. This is a good way to promote the all-star event where the best players from each division and battle it out for a reward.

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