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  • The Increasing Issues of Climate Change
The Increasing Issues of Climate Change

The Increasing Issues of Climate Change Affecting Our Lives

Climate change is only getting worse and worse by day. Although companies like Tesla and other major companies are using efficient strategies to slow down the rate of climate change, It is still rapidly increasing every day. Scientist predicts that at this rate in a decade we will reach irreversible damage to the planets global warming issues which can have a major affect on extreme weather, wild animals and including humans.

Extinction is a natural phenomenon, claiming about five species per year. But some experts suggest we’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction — one that is caused mostly by human activity.

Scientists estimate dozens of species of plants and animals currently go extinct each day —nearly 1,000 times the natural rate. By mid-century, as many as 30 to 50 percent of the total species found on Earth will have disappeared.

Allowing this to continue is “a crime equivalent to tossing books from the Library of Alexandria thoughtlessly into a fire, erasing the shared inheritance of all mankind,” according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science in a review from 2009.

Species diversity is crucial for ecosystem resilience, and without it, ecological communities will not have the strength to withstand change — especially not the change we’re throwing at them.

Extreme weather is occurring more often as climate change is getting worse. This has a major affect on humans lives as events like Tropical storms, extreme drought, typhoons and wild fires are becoming stronger and destroying lives and homes displacing millions of lives every year. Although extreme weather are natural events, its not natural for it to occur this often at this rate.

Although 99% of scientist in the world believe that climate change can and will have an alarming effect on the planet. It isn’t enough to convince some world leaders to take action to battle against global warming. For example, former president of the United States Donald Trump believes, that this is just another warm period in the planet and that climate change is not a real thing.

Warm period is a period which occurs every millions of years. In those millions of years the climate in earth changes from warm periods to cold periods. These periods can last from 100,000 to 1 million years. Cold periods are called “ice ages” or “glacials” and warm periods are called “interglacials”. The last ice age ended around 20,000 years ago. Today we are living on warm periods and some scientist believe this situation we’re in is just a warm period we’re experiencing. Even though this warm period is unlike any warm period the earth has ever experienced.

The earth average temperatures spiked during the industrial revolution which is the same period where some countries were experiencing global dimming which is a phenomenon that occurs when there are large amounts of bad gases being emitted into the atmosphere. This is evidence that the earths temperature is rising due to human activity and is only getting worse and worse. Click here to learn more about Climate Change

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