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  • The guide towards Tik-Tok fame?
The guide towards Tik-Tok fame?

A social media platform that uses short videos and pictures from genres such as dance, comedy, reactions, and education.  People share various trending dance videos, any sort of advice, cooking tips, financial help, and even career advice. This platform has allowed people to grow their businesses and unlock more job opportunities. Networking between people with similar interests such as travelling or cooking has been made possible.  

Despite the great pros listed, their cons with this platform such as viral trends that at times are harmful. Challenges such as the crate have caused harm towards individuals or the cinnamon challenge. They are also pressured to have an ideal face, body to get more likes which leads to young teens having low self-esteem. Bullying in the comments is quite common which can be damaging to people’s mental health significantly. Addictiveness through scrolling social media has become worse. People pointlessly scroll through social media almost 20 hours per day and are not being productive whatsoever. People also need to learn how to separate social media from real life, and to confirm with a specialist when using social media as guidance. This is to stop any risks from happening to them or others due to blindly following advice they find online. 

Due to the current global usage of this platform, it is necessary to set certain restrictions, especially for teenagers and children to ensure they access age-appropriate information and pictures. 


Written by-Eva

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