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The Covid effect

pandemic The Covid effect

The COVID-19 is a virus that is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome virus stain. It causes symptoms such as continuous flu, loss of taste/smell, or feeling nauseous. Covid-19 was a worldwide case, it caused a change in the world. Restrictions were placed such as going outside, shopping, or large gatherings due to the fear of catching it, and passing it to a loved one.

Covid-19 lead millions of families into poverty and homelessness. This was the number one cause of many people’s mental health. The rise of depression was rising. The lack of social interaction and the help you received from the government wasn’t a lot. The number of suicide before covid was increasing due to social media but, after covid, it got worse and the level of help given was even worse.

However, Covid-19 did help some people find themselves. It helped improve life changes, such as finding new hobbies or taking up hobbies they had stopped doing. People were able to reconnect with nature again, by going for long walks and taking in what the world has to offer.

Written by-Eva

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