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  • The biggest season for Apex legends to date
The biggest season for Apex legends to date

The new Apex Legends season is finally here on 2/11/2021, and it will feature a brand-new map as well as a new character named Ash. While Ash was a villain in Titanfall 2, her Apex Legends abilities are entirely unique to the game, despite being inspired by her earlier role in Titanfall. The following are Ash’s Apex abilities:

PASSIVE – MARKED FOR DEATH=When an enemies die, Ash will be able to see the location of their death box on the map, which will help her predict where enemies will travel next; once she arrives at a death box, she will be able to use her data knife on them to figure out where the enemies are.

TACTICAL – ARC TETHER=Ash will launch a spinning snare, inspired by her old Ronin Titan, that harms and tethers the first opponent who comes too close for a short period of time. If the Arc Tether collides with a solid surface, such as the ground or a door, it will remain alive as a “trap” for a few seconds.

PHASE BREACH – ULTIMATE =Ash uses her blade to make a one-way portal that leads to a specific location. When the portal opens, Ash immediately begins moving through it, giving allies (and foes) plenty of time to escape or push fights.

C.A.R SMG=The car smg like most guns in apex legend is returning from titan fall 2 but with different features like the ability to carry two ammo types which are light and heavy ammo and can take attachments form light and heavy category.

Storm point=Storm point is the biggest map in the game till date, being 15% bigger than the previous largest worlds edge.  Storm point added pve elements to the game by adding prowler nests and spiders the drop the loot you need or upgrades to current loadouts.

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by Anthony Bingel

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