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  • The beautiful art gallery of Quinta do Mocho
The beautiful art gallery of Quinta do Mocho

Portugal is a very famous place for vacations. It is famous for their beautiful beaches and ancient buildings that are centuries old. It is definitely a recommended place to spend time with your family vacation or special honeymoon. But, there is a special place in Portugal that isn’t mentioned enough despite its beauty and the artistic features it has.

Quinta do Mocho is a neighborhood located in Sacavem in Lisbon and it is home to many African migrants particularly from countries like Angola, Guinea, Cape Verde etc. It consists of many flats and has beautiful paintings drawn on them.

Although it doesn’t get many popularity, it still caught the eyes of many locals and people from around the country visiting the place to observe its beautiful paintings. This helped the neighborhood in some ways as it is a poor neighborhood where it is criticized for its mass population of African migrants.

Even the president of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, visited Quinta do Mocho which shocked many people as it isn’t usual for government officials or other politicians to ever visit this place.

However, a few decades ago, Quinta do Mocho was built to migrate poor families or people that aren’t quit financially stable, which is why it is criticized a lot due to its occupation of black African migrants. There are constant police raids in Quinta do Mocho in the search for drugs guns and illegal money, and its put on the news every time it happens which is why it discourages people from visiting this place.

But, Overall Quinta do Mocho is a very good neighborhood and great culture with diversity of people from many different parts of Africa.

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