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  • Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity Sets
Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity Sets

The Terraria 1.4.1 update has just launched this is going to be one of the last updates the game is ever going to get. However, there is going to be a few small bug fix updates that will be added and maybe even a few custom seeds. It is the second part of the 1.4 updates which was added earlier this year.

Plaguebringers Robes (Terraria 1.4.1)

The 1.4.1 update is going to be adding the vanity outfits from the vanity contest earlier this year. The first winner of the contest was a vanity called the PLAGUEBRINGER’S ROBES by SodaHunter. The vanity is a white skull with dark grey horns with a dark robe that has got dark gold fur around the ends of the coat and robes.

The same colour is used for the boots for the vanity. The vanity also has a blue flame that is mainly featured around the head and top of the fur with a few blue sparks trailing off of the vanity. The crafting materials are in the picture. 

Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity set 1

Wandering Ronin (Terraria 1.4.1)

The second place in the vanity contest is the WANDERING RONIN by crowflux. The vanity is based on the outfit of a samurai without a master. The word ronin means wave man which is an idiomatic expression for wandering man or someone without a home so a homeless person. The vanity has wooden sandals with a strap on it and the sandals are a brown colour.

The vanity features a red robe that drapes to the vanities feet. The main body of the vanity consists of a cream white robe that covers the body and legs. It is held together by a black belt. The vanity has a woven cone-like hat with a white tag with a glowing red thing on the bottom. The vanity also has fireflies flying past it. The crafting materials are in the image.

Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity set 2

Timeless Traveler (Terraria 1.4.1)

Third place in the contest was the TIMELESS TRAVELER by DisRicardo. The vanity has what look to be deer antlers protruding from its head and through the hood of the robe. The head is a skull that isn’t attached to part of the body it just floats. It looks to be a bird skull. The body of the vanity is partly the robe but also is pitch black with mysterious tentacles appearing at the bottom of the vanity. The skin also has three small blue orbs that float around the vanity. The crafting materials are in the image.

Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity set 3

Floret Protector (Terraria 1.4.1)

The bonus winner/honourable winner is the FLORET PROTECTOR by yikescloud. The skin is a different theme to the others it is a vanity that is basically a flower inside a biohazard suit. The biohazard suit is orange and has a canister on the back that is yellow with an orange band on it. It has teal tubes for airflow to the plant and it has grey boots and gloves.

The helmet is a glass dome in which you can see the dirt and there is something inside the dirt that is animating the body but we don’t know what it is it could be the plant’s roots or it could be earthworms. The crafting materials are in the image.

Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity Set 4

Capricorn (Terraria 1.4.1)

The developer choice is the CAPRICORN by R-MK. The vanity seems to be a white goat/ram suit of armour with two different lower body themes. One has an oceanic theme with a white snake tail with a light blue underbelly as well as a gold-coloured bit on the end. The other tower body theme is either two gold goat or ram hoofs on two normal legs.

There is a knee pad that covers the knee which is used to magnify the area of where the knee is and the end of where the goat/ram hoof boots end. The vanity has a small skirt which is similar to the knee pad however this is more blue than gold. The rest of the body is mainly white with gold rims and blue jewels and two horns on the shoulders that point towards the back. The head is mainly white with two golden horns that curve round to the back of the head and there are gold highlights around the eyes and blue along the snout of the head.

The crafting materials are in the image.

Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity set 5  

Tv head (Terraria 1.4.1)

This skin was added to the game due to the love for the skin in the community which made Relogic add the vanity into the game. The vanity is a static tv with a basic purple suit white shirt and a red/pink tie. Also in the dark, the screen goes dark and shows a purple smiley face. The crafting materials are in the image.

Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity Set 6

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