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  • Taiwan-China Tensions Raising?
Taiwan-China Tensions Raising?

A record number of Chinese Aircraft has entered Taiwanese Air Defense Zone which has Prompted US President Joe Biden to start a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the Taiwan Agreements and they both agreed to abide by them and China warned the US that the supporting of Taiwanese Independence would be “a dead end”. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has refused the idea of “Peaceful Chinese Reunification”, saying that it would not include democracy for her people. Xi Jinping had offered this at one of his recent speeches, saying he would rather have a peaceful reunification but was not afraid to use force to reunify the mainland. If Xi Jinping invades Taiwan then US President Joe Biden could call on the US to protect Taiwan’s democracy possibly bringing them into a war with china, possible bringing NATO in with US allies such as Australia, The UK and France.

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