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Star Wars Battlefront: Award winning game or commercial flop?


On September 21st 2004, a video game named Star Wars: Battlefront was released. Published by LucasArts and developed by Pandemic Studios, the game was an instant success. As well as many cameo appearances from the former cast (mostly the cheap ones), the game included the ability to play as clone troopers in large battles.

The game was such a success that in October 2005 merely a year later, Pandemic Studios released a sequel. It did not disappoint. As well as continued play as clone troopers, the game added large space battles; the ability to play as characters from the movies including Jedi and Sith and multi-player.


So, what is the problem?


The problem is not the engine; the problem is not the developers; it is not even to do with the graphics. Its more basic than that. Aside from the regular situation in which a remake kills a series, this one is somewhat… lacking in features. The first problem is that the game has no campaign. Fair enough, the old games were not famous for their campaign, but a game’s single-player allowed those who were new to figure out how the game works without having to jump straight into battle. It also allowed role-players to immerse themselves in the game and imagine themselves alongside their comrades without the… stress of online fighting.


The second problem is the biggest. Space battles. Battlefront II was famous for its large, open space battles which allowed the players to work alone or as a team to defeat the enemy ships. However, despite this, DICE have decided that they do not want this feature. Personally, I believe this is a bad move. Without space battles they are risking the series on what is likely to be just a re-skinned Battlefield. Bad idea.


There are still multiple months until its release, but even today the game is raising concerns. However, DICE have surprised us before. There is still hope. Who knows, maybe the game will represent a new generation in gaming. I mean, look at those graphics and the AT-AT. Got to love them AT-ATs.