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Narrator is an accessibility software which is included with your operating system or may not be.  It reads anything you are pressing or anything you type. It also reads any notification you receive on your computer. It is  suitable for blind people and people with very low vision.


It zooms in where you point your mouse at, very useful tool for people with low vision as it makes everything much bigger, its not always for people with low vision for other people it can also be very useful as you may like to see things bigger on your screen or maybe there is text that is very small and you want to read it more clearly.

High contrast

This feature is aimed for people with colorblindness. It changes the overall colors so it makes it easier to read and write, items on the desktop are easier to spot and it is just a better experience for people with vision difficulties. If you prefer your colors on your screen to be more “alive”. Than this option will fit you very well as it makes colors seem deeper and overall more colorful.