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  • Sony Z3 vs Z3
Sony Z3 vs Z3

Sony Z3 vs Z3

Z3 is no different to Z3+ visually, there are small differences in technical specification… Well, there is one visual difference, the charging port is at the bottom of the phone just like in iPhone 5. This still doesn’t change the water resistance technology of this phone which means that it can still be submerged underwater up to a 1.5 meters for up to 30 mins.

The upgrade on the new Z3+ include the improved front camera which has been improved to 5mp while the back camera remains the same, it still includes the 4K receding feature as well as all of the previous camera features. Sony also mentioned that the new Z3+ will have a battery life up to 2 days, 91 hours while playing music and 9 hours+ while playing movies/videos in HD.

Sony Z3+ will be available in four different colors which include copper, black, white and aqua green. It will be available for purchase this summer at an estimated price around £500 and £30 a month on contract, basing on the
cost of the previous Z3.

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