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Social media are interactive technologies that allows the exchange of ideas and interest. It can be accessed by desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Business on the other hand is the activity done by an individual, in order for the individual to make money. Now we are going to be discussing the relationship between social media and businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Social media helps bring both business and people together. It also helps businesses develop good relationship with their customer and it helps them to see what customers are looking for in the product and for the business adjustments. For example, A soap business needs to use social media to advertise and broadcast their products for people to see; Then these people can contact the agent of the business and ask them questions about their products to know if they can trust their products. After the business convince their clients to buy their products, and their clients buys it, the business would ask their customers for feedback because the business needs the feedback to improve their business. Social media has some down sides in helping businesses; Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Competitors of your business paying hackers to hack your business website
  • Negative people posting negative comments about your products
  • Competitors trying to taint the image of your brand.

Let us not only focus on the bad part of social media, but social media also have some advantageous effect to businesses. For example;

  • Brings customers
  • Helps to advertise your products
  • Helps gives your business a good image
  • Helps in employment opportunities