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  • Social media websites are evolving.
Social media websites are evolving.

Technology constantly changes, new features keep coming out and companies have to keep up with them, Mobile devices became a part of our day to day lives with social media attached to them, most phones when bought come with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter already installed on themMost mobile phones get an upgrade of resolution with every new device they produce. Regardless of your target audience, your social media app should have a quick and simple user interface that allows users to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, and this became something that everyone in the social media business has implemented as we can see every major social media website is provided with a simple UI so everyone can access them without any issues. Sometimes there can be updates that change something major and the response from the customers may be varying so most companies don’t take the risks of doing that and instead keep focusing on the things that work and slightly adjust them. TikTok a widely known social media website is super engaging because if its feature of scrolling for new videos and these videos are selected by the things you like and enjoy, this was also implemented by YouTube , Facebook, and other social media websites after seeing the success of tiktok.