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  • Social media websites are constantly evolving
Social media websites are constantly evolving

With the constant demand for faster and cost-efficient devices social media outlets also have to be adapted and change the way they operate and how they are interacted with, whilst also bringing in new features that improve the quality of the apps; let us say they made the interface more understandable and easier to access (“streamline the process”).


Facebook- Facebook market is a dedicated space within the website where people can buy and sell products to each other. Facebook is structured as a photo sharing platform with other types of media available and messaging and calling capabilities over the web. The target audience for Facebook are people at their early 20- late 40s.

Instagram- On Instagram you can adjust story settings; you can hide your stories from certain users’ feeds and edit who can and can’t reply to your stories/posts, you can track the number of views and which users have viewed your stories/posts. Instagram is a photo sharing platform. The target audiences for Instagram were aged between 25 and 34.

YouTube- YouTube is a video sharing platform where you can make and edit videos for people to watch. Some of the features YouTube utilities is the comments which people share their opinion on the topic sparking conversation between people. The target audiences for YouTube are for all ages.

Linked-in = You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship and make connections, while companies use it the post available jobs to find new competent employees. The features LinkedIn uses are messages which allows you send messages to another user. You can also attach a file or image with your message. Jobs In this section, you will find the jobs posted by employers and divided into different categories. It also suggests jobs based on your preferences. The target audiences for LinkedIn are between 25 and 34 years old.