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Social media risks and issues

Negative comments on posts that you post is considered feedback for most people that go through your social media account, and this can damage the company’s reputation to the fullest as nowadays people check comments for feedback and if the situation is bad down there then something has got to happen. Either you have to change what you post and consider what you type or say as sometimes it may offend or just not be appropriate to the company’s views. 

Consider your page to be an engaging platform for people who share a common interest. Make sure your content motivates your followers and customers by combining fun activities, participation, and interaction. 

You should always know that there is consequences to things that you post on social media as I said earlier not everyone can share the same thought and that’s why you should develop a post in a well made format so it has a positive impact on the organisation. Nothing political or in that sort of format, it should always be about your products and nothing else As your business grows bigger and bigger there will be people wanting to stop this from happening, other companies that compete with you or individuals that have profit from this, they can hack, leak, and manipulate the information provided on your websites(social media and individual) that’s why the security should be on top level as you never want to lose clients, or money from these sort of things.