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  • Is Linux better than Windows?
Is Linux better than Windows?

Linux is an open source operating system which can have better security than its competitor, Windows. But should you change from Windows or not?

Both Windows and Linux obviously have their advantages and disadvantages. Linux has better security, because it is open source so you’re able to have full access of the operating system. Where as in Windows you basically don’t even own half of your computer.
Another reason is that Linux does not collect data, unlike Windows which does even if you disable it on Windows it still collects data.
For most people Windows would be the preferable option because it is very easy to use and a lot more programs have support for Windows, but some have no support for Linux which may cause problems for the user.

So is Linux really better than Windows? Well it just depends on what the user wants from their pc, such as a better variety of software and ease of use, against the increase security and control over their computer.

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– Dylan Case

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